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Team Resilience

Rethinking Defence

Resilience Conference is an independent event run by tech professionals who care about the defence and security of their democracies. We are mission driven and want to support greater engagement in defence, security, and resilience by the startup and investor community.

Our Story

We love tech and have seen first hand how it can change the world. Top startups have launched at our events and gone on to change industries. We have written about startups, founders, and investors who are now household names. People we know from our careers in tech now live in countries that are at war. Their democracies are being attacked, and ours are under threat.


We want to turn our skills to helping the tech sector help make our democracies safer from the threats that now face us. Our contribution is to do what we know best - bringing together startup ecosystems to network, learn from each other, and share their lessons with the wider tech sector through media coverage.

Meet the Team

This small team worked together on events around the world, producing some of the most impactful and innovative technology conferences.

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