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Startups. Security. Defence.


Shoreditch, London

26-27 September 2024

Conference Overview

Resilience Conference is a curated event that will unite international startups, investors, and customers in security, defence, and resilience.


This conference will serve as a conduit for NATO and partner governments and primes to engage directly with the startup founders and investors creating the modern defence innovation ecosystem.

Image by Jaanus Jagomägi


Democracies need startups to innovate to make our world safer not only for defence, but also for security, democracy, energy, and climate change. Innovative technologies can win wars but they can also help to prevent them. You will  discover the stories from some of the best startup founders working in this space as they connect with the government entities and funders to bring their tech to market.


Defence tech is undergoing significant transformation as governments prioritise national security objectives and promote the adoption of commercial technologies for military use. Defence primes are actively seeking to engage with startups and embrace innovation. The connection between primes and the tech sector is imperative to prepare for future threats.


NATO and partner governments are increasingly embracing innovation to help them protect our democracies. We are in a time of rapid change in how wars are fought, democracies are protected, and societies become resilient to the many threats around us. This event will encourage engagement between the public sector, investors, and startup community to support adopting innovations and technological development.


Opportunities abound in the defence tech market, which is anticipated to increase to $184.7B by 2027. Governments' growing demand for innovative dual-use technologies to meet their national security goals is driving this market, which has a projected CAGR of 15.9%. Leading investors, LPs, and market-makers will be in attendance to provide insights on funding in this field.

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Conversation Topics


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is pivotal in advancing defense capabilities, enhancing automation, decision-making, and threat analysis. Discover AI's role in bolstering security and operational efficiency on a global scale.



Dual-use technologies bridge civilian innovation with military applications, driving advancements that benefit both sectors. This event highlights how these technologies are essential for fostering peace and security in an interconnected world.


Information Security

Information security is essential for protecting sensitive data and maintaining operational integrity. Hear cutting-edge strategies and technologies that guard against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.


Quantum Computing

Quantum computing offers unprecedented processing power, enabling breakthroughs in encryption, data analysis, and strategic defense. Gain insights into the transformative impacts of quantum advancements on both theoretical and practical levels.


Venture Capital

Venture capital plays a crucial role in fostering resilience and strengthening national defense by funding innovative technologies that address critical security challenges. 


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Resilience Conference is funded entirely by ticket sales and sponsors so we can remain independent and agile. To sponsor or partner with us, please contact us below.

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Resilience Conference is a curated event connecting startup innovators with defence industry, government and investment leaders. 

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