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  • Alexandra Ames

Startups, security, and defence intersect at Resilience Conference event

Updated: May 2

Resilience Conference happening on 26-27 September 2024 in London brings together the defence and security ecosystem to engage with the broader tech ecosystem, exploring why this sector is increasingly becoming of critical importance. Featuring startups at the core of the event, they will be a critical part of the dialogue with the public sector and investors on the role of developing and deploying innovations in defence and security. 

Conference Overview

Resilience Conference will feature fireside chats, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. Speakers will discuss key topics around investments, opportunities, and the founder journeys of startups that found success in the resilience sector. 

You will hear expert panels and participate in interactive workshops on key verticals, such as quantum computing, information security, artificial intelligence, drones, and a range of more in depth topics through open and private roundtables. 

The event will feature speakers from ministries of defence, the national security community, and leading venture capital and government funds. Some of our confirmed speakers are:

The event will have an international focus featuring individuals from various NATO and Allied countries, including the UK, US, Estonia, and Ukraine. If you’re interested in being a speaker or are a startup, let us know here.

About Resilience Conference

Our small team of professionals producing Resilience Conference are deeply involved with the startup ecosystem, spending their careers in policy, media, global event production, and communications. We believe that nurturing this ecosystem is essential to the ever increasing and diversifying threat to democracy around the world. 

In order to remain independent and sustainable, this event is fully supported by sponsorships and ticket sales. If you are interested in learning about how your organization can get more involved with Resilience Conference, contact us for more information.

The event is open to attendees who are citizens of any NATO or Allied countries, but due to the nature of the event ticket applications will be reviewed in advance. To apply for a ticket to attend, please click here. 

To stay informed about the event, you can sign up for our newsletter which will serve as a resource to keep you up-to-date with how new technologies are influencing the way we think about defence, security, and resilience, and give you insights on the policies, funding, and collaborations between government, defence primes, investors, and startup founders. 

We also invite you to also follow Resilience Conference on LinkedIn and/or Twitter/X to stay up to date with defence and security technology trends and the latest programming announcements for the event.


The Resilience Conference Team

Resilience Conference - Startups. Security. Defence.

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