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Darrell Etherington

OMERS Ventures

Head of Network Development

Darrell Etherington is a distinguished technology journalist with an extensive background in reporting on innovative tech trends and emerging sectors. Currently, he holds the position of Head of Content at OMERS Ventures, where he leverages his deep understanding of the technology landscape to identify and support high-potential startups in the tech industry.

With a career that spans over a decade in technology journalism, primarily with TechCrunch, Darrell has covered a broad spectrum of topics from artificial intelligence and robotics to space exploration and autonomous vehicles. His reporting has consistently provided keen insights into the dynamics of technology development and its intersection with business and consumer markets.

At OMERS Ventures, Darrell's role involves scouting for promising technology firms, conducting thorough market analyses, and helping to shape the venture firm's investment strategies. His expertise not only aids in discerning the viability of potential investments but also supports portfolio companies in navigating the complexities of growth and innovation in the tech sector.

A graduate of the University of Windsor, where he studied English Literature, Darrell combines his passion for narrative with a rigorous understanding of tech, making him a valued member of the investment team and a respected figure in the venture capital community.

Darrell is known for his articulate and engaging communication style, making him a sought-after speaker at technology conferences and panels. His insights provide significant value to audiences, ranging from industry professionals to budding entrepreneurs, eager to understand the current and future tech landscape.

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