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If Crisis or War Comes | Resilience Conference Newsletter

16 May 2024

We launched Resilience Conference two weeks ago. Since then, we’ve had dozens of meetings with potential speakers, sponsors, and supporters to shape the contents of the conference. We’re running this event because we feel it is necessary. During the last week one insight from a speaker underlined why this event matters.

We were told about how the Swedish government recently contacted every citizen with a pamphlet called “If Crisis or War Comes.”

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency explains on their website that ‘the last time a brochure was sent out was in 1961, during the Cold War. It was called "If War Comes".’ The current brochure ‘is to help us become better prepared for everything from serious accidents, extreme weather and IT attacks, to military conflicts.’

Tobias Stone explains more about why something similar has not been released in the UK and what public sentiment around one could reflect.

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Resilience Conference News

We've been quite busy these past two weeks engaging with many of the major players across the national security and defence innovation ecosystem and building up our lineup for Resilience Conference. Stay tuned as we will have some exciting announcements to share shortly. Additionally, several speakers have committed to participating in Resilience Conference from DCVC, Decisive Point, the National Cyber Security Centre, Recorded Future and more. Here are just a few security and defence leaders you'll hear from:

Eveline Buchatskiy

Brandon Tseng

John Ridge CBE

Karl Eze

Managing Partner


Co-Founder and President

Shield AI

Director of Defence Innovation

UK Ministry of Defence



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